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Modular 3

Our current project under development, Modular 3 is located at the Colorado Air and Space Port and will be comprised of five buildings at its completion. Highlights and features are as follows:

  • Building 4 will be 150 x 55 ft and have three 50 x 55 ft hangars with 16 ft bi-fold doors

  • Buildings 5 & 7 will have twelve 44 x 34 ft hangars with 12 ft bi-fold doors

  • Buildings 6 & 8 will have twelve 60 x 50 ft hangars and 16 ft bi-fold doors with 50 x 50 ft options likely available

  • Each hangar will be plumbed for water and sewer, contain LED lighting, ceiling insulation to R-29, high efficiency forced air heat, concrete ramps and floors, and optional garage doors for some hangars

  • All five buildings have their own Xcel gas and electric service account and will be operated and managed by HG Hangar One, LLC through a Hangar Owner's Agreement (HOA)

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